From Darkness to Light


Rahul Prakash Tak was born in a slum in Ulhasnagar, Thane District, in 1991. He is now 22 years of age, and has spent his entire life in Ulhasnagar.
His parents are employed in the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation, and they survive on minimal monthly income. His father is an alcoholic and never really took care of him.
Rahul used to go to school daily and studied earnestly till the 7th standard. Around that time, he started hanging out with bad company and started skipping school. For this reason he did not study further than the 7th standard. As soon as he became 18, he started working on a daily wages basis as a casual labourer.

His desire was to purchase a good mobile phone, but it was out of his budget. So he accumulated some money and purchased a second-hand phone. To his misfortune, that phone turned out to be stolen. The police traced the phone, found him in possession of it, booked him for theft and put him behind bars.

The Sahaara staff met him during one of their visits to the District prison in Kalyan. They counselled him regularly and visited his home often as well. Over time, a good relationship was built between the Sahaara team and Rahul. After several interactions, He expressed his willingness to join our rehabilitation centre to try and start his life afresh. Thus on 13th September 2013 he joined our centre where he started taking part in various activities like farming and general household chores.

During the last couple of months, the Sahaara team have found Rahul to be mouldable, cooperative and hardworking. He takes an active interest in every activity and is eager to develop the many hobbies he missed out during his childhood during to the unavoidable household circumstances he faced. He is growing slowly but steadily and learning new things every day.

Now he is out of the Rehabilitation Home and is working at the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation, where his parents work as well. He has a dream, which is completing his 12th Standard Board exams and studying even further! With Sahaara’s help, he has been given the chance to fulfill that dream in the near future and has been gifted a second chance at life!


About SahaaraSociety

We, at Sahaara, are in the business of gifting dreams to the underprivileged and marginalised of society. We search for the unfulfilled dreams buried within them and create opportunities to seek the fulfilment of these dreams. Sahaara believes that a helping hand of love and a variety of services and opportunities is the key to transforming the dreams of the innumerable poor into their realities. We invite you to join with us. Mission To improve the quality of life of the underprivileged through relationship building, care services, rehabilitation and integration into society.
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