An Unfolding Miracle

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Nathan’s* Story

Nathan was a 7 year old boy left homeless and vulnerable on the streets of Mumbai after his father passed away. His mother was unable to take care of him and so Nathan and his brother were the first two boys that Mahima Boys Home was inaugurated in 1999.

At Mahima he was looked after by house-parents and a maid, who helped him to develop holistically through a loving and caring environment. He was provided with food, accommodation and enrolled in Don Bosco School, which is one of the most prestigious English medium schools in the locality.

Being the eldest in the family, Nathan was accustomed to shouldering the responsibility of taking care of his younger siblings. But at Mahima, the house parents lavished him with love and attention, and he enjoyed a normal childhood.

As he grew up though, the responsibility he developed in his first 7 years came to the fore when he was selected as captain of the primary school.  In the 10th grade, he was elected captain of the entire school.
He also represented his school in football from 10 years of age until he passed out. He has enjoyed playing lead roles in a couple of school plays as well.

Nathan developed into an extremely athletic boy and won the coveted Championship Award in 2008-2009! The Championship Award is given to participants who score the highest score across multiple athletic events. As a fitting crown to his achievements, he went on to win the Best Student Award in 2008-09.

He cleared his 10th standard and 12th standard with ease and is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Wilson College.

From a place of having no-one to care for him, Nathan has developed into someone who cares for others.

*Name changed to protect identity


About SahaaraSociety

We, at Sahaara, are in the business of gifting dreams to the underprivileged and marginalised of society. We search for the unfulfilled dreams buried within them and create opportunities to seek the fulfilment of these dreams. Sahaara believes that a helping hand of love and a variety of services and opportunities is the key to transforming the dreams of the innumerable poor into their realities. We invite you to join with us. Mission To improve the quality of life of the underprivileged through relationship building, care services, rehabilitation and integration into society.
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  1. Ashley McAtee says:

    Wonderful love & leadership of Sahaara Society

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